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Massage Rituals

Nourish yourself

an invitation to unwind

Each of our Massage Rituals are an immersive sensory experience designed to encourage deep relaxation. Each Massage includes a variety of Enhancements, allowing you to fully customize your Ritual.

30 minutes


$120 on Saturdays

45 minutes


$145 on Saturdays

60 minutes


$170 on Saturdays

75 minutes


$195 on Saturdays

90 minutes


$220 on Saturdays

120 minutes


$270 on Saturdays

Optional, Included Enhancements

Intuitive Chakra Aromatherapy | Hot Towels | Full Body Dry Brushing
Seasonally Scented Massage Oil
Moisturizing Foot Masque | Thermal or Cryotherapy Gel

Massage Rituals

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage, often hailed as the “classic” massage, is a therapeutic and rejuvenating experience that beautifully blends relaxation with the release of tension and stress.

30min | 45min | 60min | 75min | 90min | 120min

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is a powerful journey into relaxation and relief. As you sink into the massage table, skilled hands delve into the depths of your muscles, applying firm pressure to release tension and knots.

30min | 45min | 60min | 75min | 90min

Hot Stone Massage

An incredibly relaxing Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage using smooth, heated stones. The direct heat of the stones quickly relaxes superficial muscle tissue, allowing your massage therapist to easily access deeper tissues – resulting in an incredibly relaxing, healing and effective ritual!

60min | 75min | 90min

Prenatal Massage

Mom-to-be will receive a comfortable and cozy, side lying massage (using our body support system), providing some relief from the physical, mental and emotional demands pregnancy has on the body. Prenatal Massage focuses on the concerns of each trimester – headaches, back pain, sore joints, even water retention in the legs and feet!*

30min | 45min | 60min | 90min

*Your safety, health, & wellbeing are our top priority. Prenatal massage is sometimes contraindicated during the first trimester. Please check in with your physician, prior to your ritual, to ensure that massage is safe for you & baby. Prenatal massages after 20 weeks are provided while side lying due to the strain that massage in the prone position (face down) can put on the lumbar, pelvic, and uterine structures of the body. We have a full body support system to ensure mom will be even more comfortable than she would be lying on her stomach.


Reflexology is an ancient Chinese technique that uses pressure-point massage to restore the flow of energy throughout the entire body.  By stimulating specific reflex points nerve function and blood flow may be improved which can alleviate stress, anxiety and many other health concerns.  

3–6 sessions recommended.

15 Minutes


$50 for Saturday Rituals

30 Minutes


$70 for Saturday Rituals

45 Minutes


$90 for Saturday Ritual

Crown Ceremony

Our revitalizing crown ceremonies clarify the scalp and release deeply held muscle tension while balancing the senses. Warm, aromatic oil with Rosemary, Black Cumin, and Turmeric is massaged into hair and scalp to stimulate lymph and circulatory pathways, eliminate impurities, and support a diverse microbiome. A stimulating Gua Sha Comb treatment further eases muscle tension, enhancing a lifted and relaxed appearance in the face, and promotes vibrant scalp and hair health.

30 minutes – $100

Couples Massage

Enjoy any of our massage rituals, together, in our relaxing couples suite.

We cannot guarantee your ritual will be in our couples suite if you reserve your ritual online, so please call 920.364.2000 to reserve!

Massage Ritual Enhancements

Looking for the ultimate relaxation experience? Check out our menu of Enhancements to fully customize your Ritual!

Cupping Therapy Enhancement


Add this 15 minute enhancement to release adhesions in the fascia & increase blood flow to the surface of the skin, allowing for tension & toxins to be released and flushed from the body.

Crown Ceremony Enhancement


A luxurious addition to any of our rituals. Massage is primarily focused on the scalp. 15 minutes.

Price increase effective March 13, 2024.